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Tyre Rubber

The absolute classic Tyre Rubber product being both super flexible and strong, and heavy enough not to blow away in the wind. Horse troughs & sheep feeders,

animal drinkers or builders buckets, our heavy duty tyre rubber containers are used for agricultural, equestrian and building used by millions.


Imagine the kind of stresses your car tyres handle when taking corners at high speed! Imagine your car tyres on the very coldest morning. do they split? Imagine your car tyres in the brightest sunlight day after day. Do they degrade? These extremely popular Tyre Rubber feeders are a firm favourite for cattle farmers, especially those who attend shows with their beasts.


These feeding buckets are extremely robust, and fit well into the corner of a holding pen to hold feed or water. Can take loads of abuse from livestock but being pliable, is safer than metal or hard plastic. Remember, Tyre Rubber Products are made from the same stuff as tractor tyres!

Great for horses, ponies, goats, sheep etc. Ideal bed for cats or miniature dogs. The warm-to the-touch Tyre Rubber can be scalded for cleansing.

  • Heavy duty construction - strong & druable

  • UV proof, frost proof & non-toxic

  • 100% recycled tyre rubber

  • Safe for horses & livestock

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