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Help us give away $10,000!

Here at Evo Lifestyle Products, we believe in giving back to those in need. That’s why each year we pledge to donate $10,000 between 3 different charities.

We give you the opportunity to help us decide where the money goes. Every year, we will select 3 charities, and all you need to do is vote for which charity you would like to support. That charity that has the most votes will receive $6,000. The other two charities will receive $3,000 and $1,000, respective of the amount of votes they receive.

Continue reading below to see the latest Evo Cares results, and learn more about the charities we have selected.

Do you have a suggestion for the next charities we support? Complete the form below.




1ST PLACE - $6,000

Horse Rescue Australia

Elouera is an Aboriginal word meaning a pleasant place.

Elouera is a registered not for profit organisation and our mission is to provide a safe haven for neglected and discarded horses big or small, young or old, regardless of their background and current state. We take in horses from all walks of life, such as ex-race horses just off the track to your domestic companion horse. We do not discriminate, they are all welcome here.

We rescue and rehabilitate these horses giving them a second chance at life and where suitable help to find their forever home. Due to age, behaviours and medical requirements, we do retain some horses as permanent residents. Our residents will live out their days with us here at Elouera allowing us to continue giving them all the love, care and attention they deserve.


2ND PLACE - $3,000


MATES in Construction (including MATES in Energy and MATES in Mining) is a suicide prevention charity at reducing the high rate of suicide in our industries.

The Problem:

  • We lose around 200 workers a year to suicide just in construction

  • That’s someone’s workmate, brother, father, daughter, son - every second day

  • Our workers are 6x more likely to die by suicide than a workplace accident

  • With training and awareness, we hope to eliminate suicide from our industries, completely.

Our Program:
Over the last 13 years the MATES program has focused on:

  • Building a volunteer network of eyes and ears on sites across Australia.

  • Workers who can recognise the signs a mate might be doing it tough and connect them to help.

  • Learning skills via our General Awareness and Connector Training, Life Skills Toolboxes and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) for the construction, mining and energy industries.

  • To build help-offering skills within our industries to support suicide prevention.

  • We also provide a 24/7 Helpline and case management for our workers who are in distress and connect them to further support if it’s needed.

For our industry: Our 24/7 Helpline is 1300 642 111.
For the broader community: Lifeline 13 11 14

In 2021, MATES was endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an example of Global Industry Suicide Prevention Best Practice. We’re pretty proud of that!

Find us on social media for help-offering tips and industry updates @matesinconstruction


3RD PLACE - $1,000

Rev. Bill Crews Foundation

The Rev. Bill Crews Foundation is one of Sydney’s largest frontline charities that assists the homeless and disadvantaged and has been operating for 35 over years.


The Food Services division runs three Loaves & Fishes Free Restaurants and a fleet of mobile vans in over a dozen locations that serves 40,000 fresh, nutritious meals to the needy every month. Meals are just the entry point to the level of care provided to those in need.


The Healthcare & Wellbeing division operates a free Medical Clinic including doctors and dentists, Caseworkers, Social Workers and Support Services for housing, Centrelink, addiction recovery and food parcel assistance.


Guests also have access to onsite services such as showers, laundry facilities, computers, telephones, clothing and haircuts.


The Education and Family Programs division operates an in-school Literacy Program for children who have fallen through the cracks in the mainstream education system. A Play Therapy program assists disadvantaged children work through trauma. The Foundation also has a Transition to Work program to build skills and get people into work.

Have a suggestion for next year?

Evo Lifestyle Products is a keen supporter of foundations who can make a difference to people in need. If you have a charity that you would like to suggest for next year, please fill in the form below.

Thanks for making a suggestion.

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