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Help us give away $10,000!

Here at Evo Building Products, we believe in giving back to those in need. That’s why each year we pledge to donate $10,000 between 3 different charities.

We give you the opportunity to help us decide where the money goes. Every year, we will select 3 charities, and all you need to do is vote for which charity you would like to support. That charity that has the most votes will receive $6,000. The other two charities will receive $3,000 and $1,000, respective of the amount of votes they receive.

Do you have a suggestion for the next charities we support? Complete the form below.



Continue reading to learn more about the charities we chose in 2024.


1ST PLACE - $6,000


Riding for the Disabled Hervey Bay is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing horse riding lessons and activities to individuals with disabilities in the Fraser Coast Area. Our mission is to enhance the physical, emotional and social well-being of our participants through the unique bond between humans and horses facilitated by engagement in equestrian activities.

By voting for our organisation, you are helping make a profound difference in the lives of those with disabilities, offering them opportunities for personal growth and increased mobility, through incidental exercise and the passive supported movement of the horse, as well as a sense of belonging. By supporting our cause, you are helping to empower and enrich the lives of the disabled community, fostering inclusivity and positive change. Your vote will enable our dedicated team of Volunteers and Horses to continue our valuable work and impact even more lives, one ride at a time.

Want to see what we get up to at RDA Hervey Bay? Check out our Instagram account @rdaherveybay


2ND PLACE - $3,000


WNOW (When No One’s Watching) is a safe and supportive space for men to connect and explore what it means to be better men in our communities: better people, better fathers, partners, sons, brothers, and mates.

We are creating a community of positive masculinity, where men feel comfortable to take their ‘armour’ off and be their authentic and vulnerable selves, feeling supported and safe in a community of like-minded men.

Our community explores in a fun way what it means to be a better man, tackling challenges together and focusing on improving their mental, physical, and emotional health to be the best role model they can be for themselves and all those around them, especially when no one’s watching.

We do this through creating environments where men feel safe to connect authentically, share openly and learn from their peers to enable them to be happier when they are by themselves and with their loved ones.

We are all about connection, a simple concept but very effective. Its loke minded people sharing, caring and being stronger together than they are alone.

The keystone of the WNOW community is our Sunrise Club where we meet at 6am on a Wednesday for some light exercise, sharing challenges in a ‘circle of trust’, and connect over coffee and conversations. This connection continues through a supportive What’s app group. We also run regular events such as retreats, a 60km challenge and evening talks.

We want to reinvigorate what it means to be a man and challenge toxic masculinity norms. We want men to be ok with being vulnerable, and with making mistakes to learn from them and to continuously grow. We want WNOW men to support and give back to their communities and the world.


3RD PLACE - $1,000


Fitted for Work is a national not-for-profit with 18years of helping women experiencing disadvantage to find work and build economic security. Our holistic job-readiness programs and services support women to establish the tools, skills, mindset, and support network to become ‘work ready’. Our services include resume and coverletter support, personal outfitting, interview practice, job-readiness workshops, and mentoring. Women leave Fitted for Work equipped and motivated to thrive in the workplace. At Fitted for Work we believe the way to economic empowerment is through employment and when a women is fitted for work, she is fitted for life.


Continue reading to learn more about the charities we chose in 2023.


1ST PLACE - $6,000

Horse Rescue Australia


2ND PLACE - $3,000



3RD PLACE - $1,000

Rev. Bill Crews Foundation

Have a suggestion for next year?

Evo Lifestyle Products is a keen supporter of foundations who can make a difference to people in need. If you have a charity that you would like to suggest for next year, please fill in the form below.

Thanks for making a suggestion.

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