Help us give away $10,000!

Here at Evo Lifestyle Products, we believe in giving back to those in need. That’s why each year we pledge to donate $10,000 between 3 different charities.

We give you the opportunity to help us decide where the money goes. Every year, we will select 3 charities, and all you need to do is vote for which charity you would like to support. That charity that has the most votes will receive $6,000. The other two charities will receive $3,000 and $1,000, respective of the amount of votes they receive.

Continue reading below to learn more about the charities we have selected for this year. And please remember to cast your vote.

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The Charities


1st Place - $6,000 Donated

Launch Housing


Launch Housing is a nonprofit community organisation providing high quality housing, health, education and employment services to over 18,000 people experiencing or at risk of homelessness each year.

Launch Housing was formed in 2015 with the merger of two of Victoria’s leading homelessness service providers, HomeGround Services and Hanover. We have a combined history of over 75 years serving Melbourne’s community.

We work across 14 sites in metropolitan Melbourne, stretching from greater Dandenong in the south to Broadmeadows in the north.

We believe housing is a basic human right that affords people dignity.


We have a strong focus on supporting the most vulnerable and complex people in our community to find safe and sustainable housing.

We are an independent, non-religious organisation focussed entirely on ending homelessness.

We challenge the stigma of homelessness: people don’t choose homelessness.

And we never give up on people. Everyone has a right to a home and it is our job to make this happen.


2nd Place - $3,000 Donated

Horse Rescue Australia


HRA began in 1986 when Sally Davies took in two horses (SJ and Gumdrop) who were badly malnourished and had injuries from cruel handling. Sally co-produced a newspaper at the time and featured the horses on an ongoing basis, so readers could follow their rehabilitation. Offers of help soon started coming in,  as well as sadly, reports of horses in similar conditions.

Horse Rescue Australia Inc. is a non-profit organisation and registered charity, devoted to the care and rehabilitation of horses that have been abused, abandoned or neglected. The horses come to us via a few means; surrendered by the owner, and seized/rescued horses from authorities such as the RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League. We are self-funded through memberships, sponsorships, donations and benefit events. We also have regular fundraising activities, such as an annual Open Day, 2nd hand gear sale, calendar and other merchandise sales, and at times a stall at local events.

All this work is accomplished by a volunteer care-taker and small committee, with help from generous members of the public who volunteer. HRA receives no government funding.



3rd Place - $1,000 Donated

OzHelp – Reaching those who are most at-risk


Nationally there is a need for preventative mental health interventions that reach some of Australia’s most at-risk individuals for mental-ill health and suicide.

The statistics are startling. Suicide is a leading cause of death in Australia. On average 8 people a day take their own lives, 6 of whom are men. (ABS, 2018). 1 in 5 Australians will experience a common mental health disorder each year, while almost half will experience mental ill health in their lifetime. (AIHW, 2019)

OzHelp’s suicide prevention initiatives rely heavily on fundraising and donations to further their work in areas where stigma is pervasive and access to remote or isolated workers is difficult.

OzHelp’s projects focus on male-dominated workforces where they deliver physical and mental health checks, and suicide prevention training. Priority industries are Construction, Transport, and Farming and Agriculture.

All donations contribute to ensuring OzHelp’s life-saving programs and support remain as a trusted presence within some of Australia’s most at-risk industries.

Learn more about OzHelp here: ozhelp.org.au

Feedback from clients we have helped:

I was going through some personal issues and OzHelp’s support officer listened to my entire conversation, proposed a plan and gave me direction. Without OzHelp’s support and guidance, I wouldn’t be here. I am now on the road to recovery, and grateful for that support.

Your team have helped me on many occasions to deal with the day to day struggles of mental health issues and I thank you wholeheartedly for that.

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