Red Gorilla (previously Tubtrugs)

Red Gorilla Tubs are the ultimate plastic storage tubs made from virgin low-density polyethylene making them a virtually indestructible and fully flexible utility bucket. They are made with a Cadmium-Free content allowing them to meet food grade standards.

Red Gorilla Collection

A variety of products made from high quality plastic. The range includes Shovels, Tidees, Scoops and the newest addition, Auto Waters.

Trolley Bags

A set of 4 reusable shopping bags that can help you pack your shopping in half the time at the super market checkout.

Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy is the #1 best-selling product from Shark Tank USA. This 2-in-1 cleaning sponge changes texture based on water temperature - soft in warm water and firm in cold water!


Made in Britain, Pokito is a reusable coffee cup that adjusts to three different sizes and crushes down completely for easy transport on the go.

Holster Brands

A range of silicone products that stick to any surface and can hold a variety of hosehold items including hair irons, sponges, glue guns and much much more.

Tyre Rubber

Tyre Rubber products are super flexible and strong, and heavy enough not to blow away in the wind. Horse troughs & sheep feeders, animal drinkers or builders buckets: our heavy duty tyre rubber containers are used for agricultural, equestrian and building.

Gorilla Range

The Gorilla Range provides lightweight yet strong products that are built to last. Includied in the range is Gorilla Tubs, Gorilla Brooms and the Mix N Play Tray.

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