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Gorilla Range

Gorilla Tub

For big, tough jobs, you need Gorilla Tubs. For heavy-duty storage and carrying needs, whether you’re carting rubble, washing your tools down or mixing cement, there’s a Gorilla Tub that is built for the job.

Similar to our best selling Tubtrugs, but tougher, Gorilla Tubs are specially formulated to stand up to the demands of the trade. Made of 100 percent recycled plastic, Gorilla Tubs are tested to carry 100 kilograms and are reinforced in key areas. That means they’re strong, durable and UV and frost resistant—they can take anything you throw at them!

But we haven’t just thought about making the Gorilla Tubs tough – they’re also comfortable to carry with our famous ergonomic golf ball handles. And they’re flexible as well, making them easy to carry in one hand, and meaning you can keep a hand free – or carry two! Available in 6 sizes, Gorilla Tubs are easier to handle than traditional buckets, whether you’re carrying your tools to a roof, or moving sand or bricks.

Need a storage solution? Gorilla Tubs have a ribbed profile which means they’re strong and rugged enough to contain all your small tools, and keep them from damage in the back of the truck or van. The same size as our original Tubtrugs, some customers stack the Gorilla Tubs in the shed using Tubtrugs lids. They’re also useful for storage in the garage and garden—they’re tough enough to keep anything in check!

Gorilla Tubs are also light and easy to move. We’ve seen them used for catching leaks, keeping standing water available and as a water scoop. You can even use them to wash the car! Made of recycled materials and pretty much indestructible – these Gorilla Tubs aren’t just tough but environmentally friendly.


  • Available in black & yellow

  • Available in 6 sizes: 14 litre, 15 litre, 26 litre, 35 litre, 38 litre and 75 litre.

Gorilla Broom

Gorilla Brooms are lightweight yet strong, designed for tough sweeping jobs outdoors, shifting heavy duty dirt easily. We’re sure this is the best broom you'll own!

THE HANDLE is made from triangular steel, overlaid with rubber grips. Light, very strong and incredibly comfortable, the robust Gorilla Broom makes sweeping easy.

THE HEAD is made from high density polypropylene and just like the handle it’s light, strong and won’t soak up water like traditional wooden brush heads which eventually split. The deep cavity lug encases the handle by means of a precision screw thread which ensures durability and balance at all times.

THE SCRAPER BLADE, unique to Gorilla Brooms, protrudes from the front of the broom head at the perfect angle for shifting stuck on grime, cement and plaster spots, ice etc. Durability is ensured as it is one piece moulded into the head itself.

THE BRISTLE is made from high quality PET for supreme durability. It has longer bristles than most outdoor brooms which make for effortless sweeping performance. An anti clog channel delivers consistent results throughout lots of different jobs!



  • Light weight yet robust outdoor broom

  • Unique scraper blade

  • Anti clog system for consistent sweeping

  • Effortless sweeping performance indoors and outside

  • Fantastic bright colours



DIMENSIONS - 120cm x 50cm x 10cm

Mix N Play Tray

Made from a durable plastic the Mix N Play is a large mixing tray that is lightweight, stackable and easy to store with a handy hanging hook. This large plastic tray has a raised edge to contain its contents and makes an instant surface protector for floors indoors and outside, preventing staining and keeping areas tidy.


This multipurpose plastic tray is ideal for mixing small amounts of building materials such as cement or grout with minimal overspill, and makes a great play tray for children, keeping paints, water and sand contained within a designated area. You can even use it beneath a pet bed to avoid any messy accidents from damaging your floors.


  • Light weight multipurpose tray

  • Durable shatterproof plastic

  • Raise edge for minimum overspill

  • Instant surface protection

  • Hanging hook for easy storage



DIMENSIONS - 94cm x 94cm x 7.5cm

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  • Lightweight, strong & durable

  • UV proof

  • Frost proof

  • Fade resistant

  • Heavy duty

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