Tips for grocery shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 crisis, grocery shopping has become a more difficult task than we would ever have imagined. With social distancing, panic buying, and rampant sanitisation afoot--it’s normal to feel a little flustered!

While cases are starting to drop in Australia, it’s important to remain cautious. We saw the drastic effects caused by Victoria’s sudden second wave of the virus--and we need to do everything we can to prevent a third. Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to take the weight of COVID-19 off your shoulders while on your regular shopping trip. Invest in Trolley Bags Trolley Bags are a simple, handy, and effective way to make shopping easier during these difficult times. Trolley Bags are innovative little storage bags that slot right into your trolley, with compact and cooling options available. No matter what you’re buying, you can store it in a Trolley Bag. Trolley Bags have always been handy--but their usefulness has certainly come into play this year. By using Trolley Bags, you’ll not need to worry about your food touching your trolley. Sanitisation wipes to clean the trolley’s handle will be enough to keep you in the clear. Secondly, you won’t need to stress about carrying around a basket, and as an extra safety measure, you can pack your own bags. On top of the ease and comfort Trolley Bags bring, they’re also a wonderful, reusable alternative to plastic bags, making things easier on you and the environment. Carry your own wipes Even while using Trolley Bags, you’ll still need to touch several surfaces while grocery shopping, including freezer doors, trolley handles, and counters. The best way to stay safe is to carry your own wipes and gently clean any surface before and after touching. Of course, utilising the hand sanitiser stations or using your own personal solution, is highly recommended. It’s important to stay vigilant As cases continue to drop and restrictions relax, our dedication to stopping the spread may start to falter. Remember--it’s important to stay vigilant. Please click here to view our range of shipping bag solutions.

Image by kc0uvb via Pixabay

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