The key 3 benefits of investing in Trolley Bags to do your shopping

January 24, 2019


People across the globe are becoming more environmentally conscious. With sustainability playing a key role in many parliamentary discussions, taking innovative measures to reduce environmental harm is being implemented across many Western countries. A lot of countries are now embracing the urge on the necessity of banning plastic bags, but consumers are still a little apprehensive on how to go about it.

Biodegradable shopping bags can be expensive, build up in a cupboard and can often be lost or forgotten. A key way to ensure that one of life’s necessities – grocery shopping, is supporting the stability movement in a way that is easy for consumers to adapt to is by using innovative products, such as Trolley Bags.

Trolley Bags are a unique invention that fit snugly into a shopping trolley, are ideal for travelling and offer flexibility and convenience. These reusable shopping bags eliminate the need for carting around multiple and awkward reusable shopping bags as they wrap up together, and slot into a trolley nicely. Here are the benefits of investing in Trolley Bags.

1. Organisation

Trolley Bags can be laid out in the trolley to be packed accordingly, with both hands. This disables the panic when items are scanned fast at checkouts and products become packed and cross mixed with other household items they shouldn’t be packed with.

2. Alternative options

Trolley Bags are colour coded, so it is easy to identify what is what when the shopping needs to be unpacked. They also feature bags such as a cool bag, to ensure no food is spoiled while being transported and an Xtra bag, which can be unfolded into a box, perfect for transporting any items, while still being able to fit snugly in a car boot. 

3. The environment

Trolley Bags are grouped together, and it becomes a consumer’s mentality to grab them before they walk out the door. They discourage the need for repeat reusable bag purchase and do not promote some consumers throwing a build-up of excess reusable shopping bags into the waste.

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