Why everyone needs to invest in a reusable coffee cup

The large and dynamic café culture within Australia is growing in popularity. Coffee forms part of many people’s daily routines which makes it easy to assume that most Australian residents have enjoyed a visit to a café, or regularly pick up a take away coffee at a café. In the past, it was a common occurrence for people to purchase their morning routine coffee, enjoy it, then throw away the disposable cup. However, strong educational marketing and a move towards a sustainable society is starting to discourage the use of disposable coffee cups within cafes. The move towards coffee lovers utilising reusable coffee cups is becoming stronger, and there are 2 key reasons that purchasing a reusable coffee cup is worth it. Environmental impacts Disposable coffee cups are made up of styrofoam and it is estimated that over 25 billion styrofoam cups are disposed of annually. Styrofoam is comprised of a petroleum material that is a carcinogenic and very difficult to break down. A disposable coffee cup’s plastic lid is often made of polystyrene, which can leak styrene into the atmosphere. The lid, cup and often a cardboard sleeve or cup holder, make up a large amount of waste and chemicals that are being put into the environment when thrown away. The taste Coffee that is consumed from plastic or even paper cups is susceptible to having a chemical taste from the material it is in absorbed into it. Drinking coffee from a device that has no taste or smell, such as a cup made from thermoplastic elastomer, is the best way to enjoy a coffee, exactly how it should taste. The ideal reusable coffee cup choice for those who care for the environment, and want to enjoy the taste of their coffee to the fullest is the Pokito coffee cup.

The Pokito reusable coffee cup is incredibly durable, which ensures a long lifespan of the product. The Pokito coffee cup is ideal for those who love their coffee routine and consume it regularly, as it is so lightweight and easy to transport. The innovative cup features 3 coffees sizes in one – Expresso, Media and Grande, which makes it the perfect solution for those who want convenience, but the option to mix it up occasionally.

Click here to get your hands on a Pokito. With Christmas just around the corner, they make the perfect Secret Santa gift.

To enquire about stocking Pokito in your store call 02 9666 1014 or email info@evolifestyle.com.au

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