Why is Scrub Daddy superior to all other sponges?

There are so many points in Scrub Daddy's favour! If you've used other sponges in the past, or are still doing so, then here are seven benefits to consider; you might ask yourself how well other products compare to this one... Scratch free Scrub Daddy is safe to use on stainless steel or non-stick pans, car paint or ceramic, glass or leather - and so many other surfaces. Quick clean Simply clean Scrub Daddy again and again in your dishwasher. Or sanitise it in just a single minute by placing it in your microwave. Unique design Scrub Daddy has eye-holes for your fingers to deliver that vital added grip - amazingly useful when you have to clean awkward spaces or tiny corners. And it also features a mouth to allow you to slip in, and quickly clean, items such as forks, knives and spoons. So many uses Scrub Daddy works just as well on garden furniture as your bathroom sink; or when cleaning your fence railings and then your fridge. If it took up cricket, it would surely be in any team as an all-rounder! Flexibility Scrub Daddy is a truly flexible cleaning friend: it becomes firmer after immersion in cold water and is immediately ready for dealing with those stubborn stains or burnt-on spills where extra scrubbing power is required. It then quickly becomes softer again when placed in warm water. Eco-friendly Use it with baking soda or vinegar, rather than non eco-friendly, harsh chemical products. Exfoliator After completing all those important cleaning jobs, you can use Scrub Daddy to exfoliate. Did you know that Scrub Daddy's amazing FlexTexture™ technology, working with your water temperature, was originally created to help you scrub your hands? How did that other sponge compare? Other sponges surely fall far behind in comparison. Try reusable Scrub Daddy for yourself and be quickly convinced!

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