The Scrub Daddy story - from A to clean.

The one scratch that started a revolution… Aaron Krause is the mastermind behind the Scrub Daddy. In 1988 while studying at University he supported himself by washing cars. After a few years, he found himself in such high demand that he left University in 1992 to open his own company called Dedication to Detail Inc. There, Aaron specialised in using customised buffing pads - cleaning cars up to a showroom standard. This was when Scrub Daddy’s original ancestors were born. One day, Aaron accidentally scratched the paintwork of a customers vehicle. He had to come up with a way to fix his mistake and invented something he then called ‘The Edge’ – a specially moulded pad designed to cut and polish until paintwork scrubbed up like new. After years of tinkering with other applications for The Edge and designing new sponges, Aaron patented his designs and kept sponge samples for later developments in a warehouse. You can read more about Aaron here. In 2011, from a box labelled ‘scrap’, a legend would be made. Out of the scrap box and into the Shark Tank... Scrub Daddy’s original application was for washing the hard-working hands of people like mechanics, builders and landscapers, but the market proved tough to convince. Aaron soon realised that the special foam he’d crafted Scrub Daddy from was perfect for household cleaning and could do a remarkable job without the need for harsh chemicals. It’s temperature reactive qualities meant that the sponge would stay firm in cold water and soft in warm water and it’s cellular structure perfectly captured dirt and grime without heavy duty detergents. Adding ‘eyes and a smile’ for an ergonomic grip and for applications like cleaning cutlery and homewares, the iconic Scrub Daddy was born. Aaron took his eco-friendly invention onto the screen in 2012, appearing on the hit marketing pitch show ‘Shark Tank’. Renowned inventor, entrepreneur and celebrity shark Lori Grenier secured the winning Scrub Daddy backing deal in front of a worldwide audience. Soon after, millions of Scrub Daddy’s were snapped up by happy customers. A follow up show ‘Swimming With Sharks’ aired in 2014. It featured Scrub Daddy as the most successful product launched by the show. You can read about the success of Scrub Daddy here. Scrub Daddy Now… Today, Scrub Daddy is available to buy all over the world in a range of colours and variations, like ‘scented’ and ‘heavy duty’. The miracle sponge’s evolved non-scratch FlexTexture composition keeps odours at bay and is easily washable for reuse over and over again. That’s why people around the world are using a Scrub Daddy every day for a huge range of cleaning applications. To find out more about the little smiling sponge that cleans like no other, click here. References - Mulvey, Kerry. 2017. 'There’s a reason this sponge is the most successful 'Shark Tank' product to date' Retrieved from: Ray, Sanjara. 2016. 'Meet the ‘Daddy’ of Scrub Daddy, who runs a million dollar business on selling smiley-faced sponges' Retrieved from: 'About us' Retrieved from:

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