Reduce the plastic in your life

Do you know how much plastic you use in everyday life? Australia is going through a plastic epidemic. Perhaps it is time we cut down on the plastic we use throughout the day. Below are some areas where plastic is commonly used around the home, with suggestions of alternative ideas. Food preparation

At lunchtime, we tend to use a lot of plastic. We might buy a disposable plastic bottle of juice, water or soft drink, and then you’ve got the lunch that is wrapped in glad wrap. But we can switch this around. Sandwiches can be covered by eco-friendly bee wax wrapping alternatives. Or, you could opt to have a salad for lunch and seal it up in a stainless-steel container; you could bring a drink from home in a glass or stainless-steel bottle. Not only will you be saving the environment, you’ll be saving money as well! Washing up

There are so many new cleaning products released that you can become completely overwhelmed by plastic derivatives! But no more; cleaning can be eco-friendly as well as effective. Our best-selling product Scrub Daddy is soon to become your best friend for these reasons. It’s a green product, as it can be reused hundreds of times. Just sanitise it in the dishwasher or microwave and then it is good as new. Imagine how much waste you will avoid by reusing the same scrubber instead of throwing them out constantly and having to buy more. Another way to save! There seems to be a theme appearing here... Shopping bags

If you can’t use the old plastic shopping bags, then what should you use? Many reusable bags are awkward to carry, with handles that are not long enough or bag shapes that don’t make sense. Have you seen our Trolley Bags? They’re a system of 4 reusable shopping bags designed to slot easily over the edges of the trolley, so nothing gets squashed in your trolley load. Not only that, you never have to hold the bags open again while loading. Trolley Bags make grocery shopping a breeze. As well as being more convenient for you, our reusable Trolley Bags help you save the environment and avoid the necessity of buying more bags at the checkout. Well there you have it, three areas in which you can reduce your use of plastic around your home. You could even make it a game in your household; how little plastic can you use? It’s a great way to teach your kids about environmentally friendly practices.

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