Use Tubtrugs to organise and declutter your life

Tubtrugs are renowned worldwide for their colourful selection of multipurpose plastic buckets and tubs.

Made from 100% polyethylene, they are flexible yet sturdy. If you're looking to declutter your life as well as your home, using Tubtrugs' products may be the best solution. Read on for our top tips... Clearing out your wardrobe We're all guilty of owning too many clothes, but if your wardrobe space is limited and you have jeans, tops and dresses spilling out of your drawers, it may be time to consider reducing your collection. If you can, donate any items you no longer wear or sell them online to make some money. If you're still short on space after having a good sort out, consider placing seasonal items you don't currently need into Tubtrug buckets and store them elsewhere. You could store them in airing cupboards, attics, on top of your wardrobe or even under the bed. Tubtrugs are easy to move around and you can still access your clothes whenever you like.

Cleaning your garage Garage organisation presents some unique challenges, so it's no surprise many people struggle to keep their possessions in order. If your garage is full of toys, cleaning supplies, sporting equipment, tools, and beach chairs, set aside time one weekend to sort out what you need and what you can get rid of. Once you've done this, purchase some Tubtrugs to help organise your shelves. A handy tip is to order tubs in a few different colours and allocate each colour to certain items. For example, a yellow tub could be used for beach accessories while a green tub is perfect for storing garden supplies.

Organising your cupboards The number one rule of decluttering is to take stock of what you own and determine what you no longer need. If you've got cupboards full of books, DVDs, CDs and high school memorabilia, think carefully about whether you actually still want these or not. If you can't bear to part with certain items, take them out of your cupboards (you can then use this space for more important items) and store them in Tubtrugs. You could place them in the attic or garage, but just make sure they're out of the way. Click here to purchase Tubtrugs for yourself.

For more information about selling Tubtrugs in your store, email us at or call on 02 9666 1014

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