New products to help reduce your carbon footprint

With unprecedented global challenges from environmental degradation and climate change, it has never been more important for everyone to do their part. For the consumer, there has never been a better time to buy eco-friendly, innovative products that are kind to the environment. The takeaway cup scourge Australians drink a lot of tea and coffee every day, and the vast majority of those takeaway cup

are not recycled. Many of us try to do the right thing and bring a reusable cup with us, but they come with a few problems. They are often bulky and inconvenient, and it can be really hard to remember to bring them with you. Enter the Pokito, the most convenient portable takeaway cup ever created. The Pokito squishes down to a more convenient, flattened-down size when you're not using it. That means it's easier to store and leave in your work bag, so you don't need to remember to grab it on your way out every day! They adjust to three different sizes and come in nine colours, so you can get exactly the look and size that you want.

Reusable shopping bags

Now that supermarkets nationwide have phased out single-use plastic bags, you are forced into find a reusable solution. Yes you can purchase regular reusable shopping bags, or even those 15c thicker plastic bags (but aren't these worse than the single-use plastic bags?). Trolley Bags will revolutionise the way you do your shopping, making it quicker and easier to adjust to living a "plastic bag free" life. With options for small to extra large shops, you will have your packing sorted with Trolley Bags. Home organising solutions

The market for organisational homewares is enormous, but many of them are made of cheap and brittle plastics that break extremely easily. This drastically increases the burden on the planet, as many aren't recyclable, and will take centuries to break down. Our Holster organisers are made of silicone. Their convenient designs are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, or the study, with various sizes and configurations that suit many different uses. Perhaps most importantly, silicone is extremely durable and hardy. Our designs all have some measure of heat resistance (from 121°C up), as well as being easy to wash and easy to move around. Durable, versatile tubs

Finally, who can forget Red Gorilla tubs (formally Tubtrugs), the last word in hard-wearing and endlessly reusable plastic tubs with limitless applications? These storage tubs are market leaders in convenient storage and carrying. If you are interested in stocking any of the above products in your store, click here to email us or call us on 02 9666 1014.

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