How to cope with the plastic bag ban: why Trolley Bags are the best choice

Queensland and Western Australia are the latest states to ban the use of lightweight, non-biodegradable plastic bags in July. The plastic bag ban has been steadily making its way across Australia since 2009, with all states but New South Wales either implementing a statewide ban already or introducing legislation into local government. Some major retailers such as Coles and Woolworths have also introduced a plastic bag ban. So as a consumer, it is time to decide whether you will pay for reusable plastic bags at the store - or make the switch to an alternative, such as heavy-duty Trolley Bags, instead. Plastic bags versus Trolley Bags Plastic bags are the quick and convenient way to bring shopping home from the supermarket. Often provided free or at very low cost, these thin lightweight bags can hold all manner of goods. However, they are notoriously bad for the environment, taking years to break down - and millions of them have found their way into our landfill sites, and even our oceans. Plus, they often split and tear. Trolley Bags, on the other hand, are reusable so they won't end up as waste. They are extremely strong and have a long shelf life as a result. You can clean them to ensure they last even longer. Plus, they fit comfortably into the trolley so you can pack as you shop - ideal for 'scan and go' grocery stores. Other alternatives to plastic bags If Trolley Bags don't work for you, there are lots of other options for bringing your shopping home. Cardboard boxes and plastic crates are popular choices, though they can be a little awkward to carry so you will need a car to take them home. Reusable shopping bags made from cotton, canvas and wool are also very popular. They won't hold up in heavy rain, but they do provide a quick and convenient way to take your shopping home, without using disposable plastics. Reducing plastic waste If you want to make a difference to the environment through your shopping habits, invest in your own Trolley Bag today. Available in a range of styles and sizes, you can find a style to suit your shopping needs.

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