Aftermath of the plastic bag ban in Australia

Queensland and Western Australia are the latest states to have signed up to ban the use of lightweight non-biodegradable plastic bags for shopping. Six out of the eight states in Australia now have the ban in place, with the earliest ban coming into force in 2009 in South Australia. The state of Victoria is likely to follow suit soon, which would leave New South Wales as the only state in which lightweight plastic bags are used for shopping. But what has been the aftermath of the plastic bag ban in Australia? A step in the right direction...with a few setbacks Though many environmental activists and lobbying groups have lauded various authorities both at national and state level for taking a step in the right direction as far as environmental conservation is concerned, it hasn't all been plain sailing. Some retailers, most notably Woolworths and Coles supermarkets, found themselves under fire from angry shoppers after the recent bans, prompting them to reinstate free plastic bags to help consumers adjust. However, following outrage from environmental activists, these supermarkets have begun charging again. Despite this wobble, a large section of shoppers throughout Australia received the news of the ban positively. In fact, news outlet ABC polled its online followers and found that 85.2 per cent were happy with the ban. It's not just about perception either. A national report conducted by Keep Australia Beautiful in 2016-17 revealed a decrease in plastic bag litter following the introduction of bans in the ACT and Tasmania. In fact, in the ACT, where the ban was introduced in 2014, waste decreased to 171 tonnes from 266. Alternatives to plastic bags The introduction of fees have forced consumers to look to new and more sustainable ways to carry their shopping. One of the most popular choices has been the introduction of eco-friendly bags which shoppers can keep in their handbag, car or in the home, such as Trolley Bags. Trolley Bags fit flush inside your trolley and don't just help shoppers support the cause of sustainability by reusing shopping bags to eliminate pollution, they can also save you money. In fact, Trolley Bags in particular have become very popular in many states thanks to their exceptional durability - lasting far longer than traditional lightweight and heavier plastic bags. Make a difference today If you want to make a difference to the environment through your shopping habits, invest in your own Trolley Bag today. Available in a range of styles and sizes, you can find a style to suit your shopping needs.
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