Horse stable management

Every responsible horse owner wants their horse (or horses) to be healthy and happy. And keeping your horse’s environment clean and hygienic is a huge factor in this. There’s no doubt it can be extremely time consuming. And sometimes the time you spend cleaning out your stable, replacing food and water and freshening up bedding, eats into riding time. But it’s worth it because he (or she) deserves the best care you can give him (or her).

You don’t want to cut corners but you do want to accomplish the essential tasks as quickly and efficiently as you can. To spend less time cleaning and mucking out and more time doing the fun stuff, you need the right equipment and a good set up.

Evo Lifestyle Products have a range of feeding and cleaning products that are ideal for use in stables and around horses.

And here are a few tips for keeping your horse and its environment in excellent condition.

Have the right equipment.

In a stable the focus is on sturdy, practical and easy to clean items to keep everything organised. Here are a few suggestions:

• buckets that are robust, hard to tip over and easy to clean out • commercial standard brooms, shovels and pan and rake sets for manure and spills. • versatile feeding bins and portable troughs • tubs of every size and shape (with handles) to store different foods and treats, or to carry extra food or riding equipment to horses on pasture.

For a ship shape stable, the Tubtrugs or Tyre Rubber range of containers and tubs are multipurpose, have optional lids and are super strong. They look good too, so if you’re fastidious about your horse stable, or you want it to look good for visitors, you’ll like their simple, utilitarian look and feel.


Use a portable feed bin that hangs off the stable wall or a fence if your horse is outside. If your horse prefers to eat from the ground the large, try a strong shallow tub that’s (almost) impossible for enthusiastic eaters to push over.

What you’ll feed your horse depends on many factors, but no matter what they’re eating it’s easy to store different grains and treats in different coloured tubs for easy identification of contents, with a Tubtrugs Scoop in each to quickly measure it out.

Bedding and surrounds

We all like a clean, dry bed, it’s only fair to assume horses do too. Use a stable rake to pick through beds made of straw or wood shavings twice a day, and replace entirely when it’s soiled right through. Unclean bedding attracts flies and other vermin, making your horse’s bed not a very relaxing place to be and potentially harbouring disease.


Not only is leaving manure and food spills dangerous because it attracts rats and insects, it’s a slip risk.

A dedicated shovel or a pan and rake system like the Tubtrugs Tidee makes it quick and easy to remove manure from your stable. Using a shovel or Tidee just for manure and another only for food spills (and so on) prevents cross contamination of equipment.

Both our shovels and Tidees are multi-coloured so you can set up a system where equipment of different colours are used for a designated purpose. This is particularly useful for setting out procedures if you have staff working on shift and makes it easier for kids to learn how to care properly for their horse.

For sweeping up, a large industrial size broom like the Gorilla Broom is big and powerful enough to move the biggest piles of straw and bedding and sweep up mess and food spills.

Passing the time

Horses, like people, get bored with the same old routine. Instead of just handing your horse a treat, or leaving it in his or her feed bin, use a treat dripfeed ball. The action of the horse pushing the ball releases a treat, presenting a challenge and a reward. Bored horses can become destructive so keep them busy with toys, lots of human contact and changes of scenery, like time in different paddocks.

Keep on top of things.

It’s easy to skip a task here and there and before you know it, you’ve got a mess on your hands. Fail to clean up manure and you’ll attract vermin, don’t put equipment away and it gets lost or damaged. Set up a practical system with some quality equipment and establish daily routines for keeping your stable area clean and tidy.

It’s hard work but it will pay off with a happy horse who loves you. For anyone who loves their horse(s), what could be better than that?

Have a look at our full range of horse and pet equipment here and start organising!

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