Horse Boredom: How to spot it and what you should do.

Horses love exploring their environments, so it is only natural that they can become bored when confined to their stable. Boredom in horses can lead on to destructive behaviour, which can become habitual, so prevention is definitely key.

How to Tell if Your Horse is Bored

Weaving – The horse will shift their weight from one leg to the other and sway the head and neck from side to side.

Box walking – The horse will constantly wander around the stable. This can cause damage to ligaments and joints.

Biting – The horse can chew objects, such as the stable door or any wooden areas. This may result in abnormal wear of the incisor teeth that may cause problems with grazing.

Wind sucking – the horse grabs onto a door or fence with its front teeth and gulps air into the gut; this is said to release endorphins, creating an ‘addictive’ situation.

Toys for Your Horse in the Stable

We all have those horses that end up chewing on anything that have access to. Well this is often what horses find to do to occupy themselves when bored. A great way of keeping your horses entertained (and to save their rugs and feed buckets) is to introduce stable toys.

The idea behind stable toys is to keep the horses’ attention and to stop them from developing any negative behavioural habits. Like all bad habits – they are easy to develop but sometimes extremely difficult to shake.

Products like Tubtrugs Drip Feed Balls are great way of keeping your horse entertained for hours. Your horse can push the ball around with their nose. You can place treats inside, that drop out as your horse plays with their ball. This will encourage and motivate the horse to keep interacting with their new toy.

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