Home Entertainment System Organisation: Sort out that mess of cables.

Does this sight affect you in the same way it does me? Does it make you feel slightly nauseous and your head start to pound? Sadly, this sight is now common place in most households. With TVs, DVD/Blu-Ray players, set top boxes, surround sound systems, game consoles, Apple TV and everything else with a plug, cables now wreak havoc behind your entertainment centre. This is just disastrous when it comes to moving things round, or locating a faulty cable.

It’s time to organise your home entertainment centre! Don’t put up with crazy knotted bundles of cables!

Of course there is always the tried and tested traditional cable ties. But what a waste, when each tie can only be used once. Enter Rapstrap… A true innovation in cable ties. Not only are Rapstraps releasable and reusable, but you can get up to 5 ties from each Rapstrap.

When I first came across Rapstrap, I will admit to be slightly confused and put off by the seemingly complex nature of it. But as soon as I saw it in action, I soon realised just how simple and ingenious this product is. Just take a look at this video to see how easy it is to use Rapstrap.

When it comes to organising my home entertainment centre, Rapstrap really made this undesirable job a little easier to deal with. The fact that I could get up to 5 ties from each strip of Rapstrap is fantastic. With cable ties there is so much wastage. You can only get one tie, and then have to cut the excess off. But with Rapstrap, there is zero wastage. The excess can just keep getting used until there is none left.

For those that are particularly OCD (I personally prefer the term organised), the fact that Rapstrap comes in 7 different colours means you can colour code your bundled cables. I know right, it’s like Christmas has come early this year. No more wondering which cable leads to which device. Just know that the blue ones go to the TV. And the red ones go to the Blu-Ray player.

I challenge you. Take a stand and organise that mess of cables hiding behind your TV unit. I know you can’t see it. I know you try and stuff it behind the cabinet so it’s out of sight and out of mind. But secretly, you shamefully know it is there. So fix it. Grab a pack of Rapstrap and get those cables sorted.

Extra tip: You know all those iPhone chargers and camera cables you have sitting in a box all tangled up. And you go in to retrieve one, and after a 5 minute struggle to pull one free, you give up, shove the clump of cables in your hand back in the box and walk away. Well Rapstrap call also help you sort that mess out. This time, you would take advantage of the reusable aspect of Rapstraps so that you can untie it when needed, and put it back when not. GENIOUS!

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