Top 10 Uses for Tubtrugs around your home!!!

1.Laundry Basket Tubtrugs are the ideal laundry basket, with a wide variety of colours to choose from. The soft comfortable grip handles make those heavy loads of washing a breeze to carry unlike your traditional hard plastic washing baskets. Recommended sizes: 26L – 38L

2.Kids Toy Storage Keep your kids toys neat and tidy with Tubtrugs. The 35L large shallow tub is ideal for under bed storage as it’s 16cm in height which makes it easy to slide under the bed keeping your kids rooms uncluttered. Recommended Sizes: 15L – 35L – 38L

3.Parties What separates Tubrugs from other tubs is the fact that they are certified food grade safe! These colourful tubs are a great way to brighten up a kid’s party or an afternoon BBQ. The 0.37L (Mini Micro) is a party favourite and is commonly used for candy buffets, which is today’s latest trend at events from baby showers to children’s birthdays. The mini micros are also great for dips, sauces, olives etc. The 5L (Small Shallow) is great to store chips & snacks. Recommended Sizes: 0.37L –5L – 35L – 38L – 75L

4.Ice Bucket Tubtrugs make the best ice bucket! The comfortable handles make it easy to lift and move around. Whether you’re are having a party, picnic or Sunday BBQ, these funky multi-use tubs are ideal for holding drinks and food. Recommended Sizes: 14L – 35L – 38L – 75L

5.In the Garden The greatest thing about Tubtrugs is they are UV proof, Frost proof & fade resistant, which makes them perfect for use in and around the garden. The strong ergonomic golf ball hands make for a comfortable grip when carrying heavy loads. Tubtrugs are so strong and are tested to carry up to 100kgs! Tubtrugs also have a range of garden accessories including shovels, Tidees, scoops & Brooms. Match up your coloured tub with a coloured accessory! Recommended Sizes: 38L – 75L

6.Baby Bath Tubtrugs are a great and safe way to bath your baby. The best thing about using Tubtrugs as a baby bath is that you can put the tubs inside the shower if you don’t have a bath.You can also you can bath more than one of your little ones at a time. Recommended Sizes: 35L – 38L – 75L

7. Toiletries Use Tubtrugs to store your all of your toiletries. From towels to cotton tips. The 0.37L (Mini Micros) are ideal for storing makeup, hair ties and much more and the 5L & 14L are perfect for beauty products & at home treatments such as pedicures 15L (Small Shallow) and manicures 0.37L (Mini Micro). Recommended Sizes: 0.37L – 14L – 26L

8.Food Storage Tubtrugs are certified food grade safe and non-toxic. Use them for parties, salads, kid’s snacks, chips & dips and much more! You can assure that these funky coloured tubs are a great way to brighten up a children’s Birthday or family dinner. The 5L (Extra small shallow) for salads and 0.37L (Mini micro) for dips and sauces. Recommended Sizes: 0.37L – 5L – 15L

9. Pets Tubtrugs can be used in many different ways and the safe non-toxic materials make them safe for our pets. Use the 5L (Extra small shallow) make great feeding bowls and share water bowls for small pets. The 35L (Large shallow) are ideal for pet beds. You can just add a blanket inside which make it easy to clean unlike pillow beds that you need to throw out after time. The 38L (Large & 75L (Extra-large) are perfect for bathing your dog. Also use the 0.37L (Mini micro for a food scoop. Recommended Sizes: 0.37L – 35L – 38L – 75L

10.Wardrobe & shelving Storage From your bedroom to your garage, Tubtrugs are a great and efficient way to store your gear. Whether you want to organise your kid’s toys, shoes or clothing, this is a great way for your wardrobe to remain neat & tidy. Also, store your tools & equipment in Tubtrugs in your garage. Ideal for heavy items which makes it safe when lifting in & out. Recommended Sizes: 0.37L – 5L – 14L – 15L – 26L – 38L

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