April 5, 2014

I recently held a party at my house for my partner’s birthday. Can I just say, I don’t know what I would have done without my trusty Tubtrugs. I was amazed at just how many ways I could utilise them.
The most obvious of course is as an esky for all the drinks. Not only do they look absolutely terrific with all the bright colours, they are so strong that there was never a risk of them splitting, as has happened to me with other plastic tubs.
Something I was very interested to learn, is that Tubtrugs are food grade safe. This meant I could serve all the nibblies in the 0.37L and 5L varieties. Matching the colours with the eskys, it made for a great look. I had everyone commenting on just great the set up was.
Once all the festivities were over, I got the eskys and tipped out the water and ice (which was made easy by the fact that a spout is formed when you hold the two handles together). I then went around the backyard, Tubtrugs in hand, and threw all the rubbish and mess into them. It is then easy to transport all of this straight to the bins, tip it out and then hose the Tubtrugs down ready for next time.




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