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April 5, 2014

I saw the Boxtidy in the car boot of my friend’s car and absolutely loved it! When she told me it only cost $29.95 I was even more impressed. My friend was using it as a divider for her 3 kid’s sports gear storing football shoes, knee pads, swim gear etc, so they didn’t get mixed up with each other’s attire, and it made it easier for the kids to take when dropped off at sports practice.
I just had to run out and buy myself one and I use my Boxtidy for my shopping. What I love about it is that everything stays in nice and tight and doesn’t fly around all over my car boot. I found previously my shopping would move around everywhere on my trip back from the supermarket and when I would return home I would have a mess in my boot. This way my wine bottles are kept tightly in place with the front netted pouches and I can put the delicate shopping items such as eggs in a separate compartment. The Boxtidy can also be closed up quickly when not in use and ready to use whenever I need it. I love this product so much that I have even purchased one for my family members for Christmas this year!




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