Red Gorilla Collection


Whether you’re digging in the garden, mucking out the horse stable, making a giant sandcastle at the beach with the kids or shoveling grain for the chickens, Tubtrugs Shovels are the ideal tool for the job.


Lift debris from the floor into your Wheelie bin or compost heap without the need to bend! Ideal for cleaning animal housing and minimizing waste bedding. Perfect for retrieving animal excrement from grass without the need for bending.


The Super Scoop has a 1 piece molded construction which scoops better than any other scooper we've used! This is because the handle is on the top of the scoop rather than behind as with conventional scoops, meaning you actually scoop up rather than across and therefore don't lose the contents of the scoop!

Auto Water

Autowater is the automatic Pet Waterer. This product will keep a fresh supply of water in the bowl for the smaller members of your family so you can be sure that they're always hydrated.


Gorilla Brooms are lightweight yet strong, designed for tough sweeping jobs outdoors, shifting heavy duty dirt easily. We’re sure this is the best broom you'll own!

Bedding Fork

Bedding Forks are the perfect tool for every stable or garden. It is a beautifully balanced tool with a tough tubular steel handle and colour coordinated soft grips for added comfort.

Dripfeed Ball

It is a horse treat ball that is designed to help improve the general wellbeing of your horses. The way it works is so simple... You just fill the feed ball with treats. Your horse will then kick the ball around the field, and the treats inside will slowly be “drip fed” to your horse.

Mix N Play Tray

Made from a durable plastic the Mix N Play is a large mixing tray that is lightweight, stackable and easy to store with a handy hanging hook. This multipurpose plastic tray is ideal for mixing small amounts of building materials such as cement or grout, and makes a great play tray for children, keeping paints, water and sand contained within a designated area. You can even use it beneath a pet bed to avoid any messy accidents from damaging your floors.

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  • Lightweight, strong & durable

  • Certified food grade safe

  • Non-toxic

  • UV proof

  • Frost proof

  • Fade resistant

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