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Red Gorilla Collection



Gorilla Tubs (formerly Tubtrugs) are the ideal solution for your storage and carrying needs. With uses indoors or outside, in the garden or to help keep the house tidy, Gorilla Tubs does the job with style.

Gorilla Tubs are durable, resilient and flexible: they will stand up to whatever you can throw at them. Available in 8 convenient sizes, you can use Gorilla Tubs to store anything—even food (excluding black)! Gorilla Tubs are made of certified food grade safe virgin low-density polyethylene (excluding black), which means they are non-toxic and safe.

Gorilla Tubs are available in 10 brilliant colours and 9 different sizes.

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The Tyre Rubber Feeders are a range of super strong heavy-duty containers. They’re made out of recycled tyre rubber, so they’re about as tough as it comes.

Tyre Rubber Feeders are perfect for feeding your livestock, and are used by farmers around the world.


They come in a range of sizes and styles to suit every task, and they’re each made of recycled tyre rubber, strong, durable and environmentally friendly.

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Made of 100 per cent food grade safe plastic, Gorilla Shovels are tough, durable and strong. Unlike a metal shovel, your Gorilla Shovel will never rust or splinter, and doesn’t deteriorate in even the harshest conditions. The wide face and short handle make it perfect for close work.

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Nothing is getting past you when you use this broom: with a triangular steel handle, high-density polypropylene head and high quality PET bristles, and a scraper blade as a built in part of the broom-head, it can handle any mess.

The Gorilla Broom is really a broom for every outdoor situation: it's lightweight, with a larger than normal span meaning it covers more ground. The rubber inlays in the handle mean it won’t slip – no more sore skin or blisters.

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This Tidee with Rake is the perfect tool for maintaining the home, garden and stable. This set comes with a scoop and long-handled rake that is great for poo picking, tidying and clearing up messes hassle free. The sleek design of the Tidee makes it lightweight and easier to use. The Tidee is constructed from durable plastic and anodised steel handles which mean this is a tool built to last.

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The Straight Handle Bedding Fork is the perfect tool for every stable or garden. It is a beautifully balanced tool with a tough tubular steel handle and colour coordinated soft grips for added comfort.

Lightweight yet strong, this bedding fork is UV proof, frost proof, and fade resistant.



The Red Gorilla range also includes the Stir Up, Scoopour, Dripfeed and Hoof Pick.