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April 5, 2014

 1.Laundry Basket
Tubtrugs are the ideal laundry basket, with a wide variety of colours to choose from. The soft comfortable grip handles make those heavy loads of washing a breeze to carry unlike your traditional hard plastic washing baskets.
Recommended sizes: 26L –...

April 5, 2014

Plastics can contain chemicals that are harmful. But given that the term “plastic” can mean a broad variety of substances, it’s difficult to know which ones are bad for us. Plastic manufacturers often add an array of different chemicals in order to give them the charac...

April 5, 2014

I recently held a party at my house for my partner’s birthday. Can I just say, I don’t know what I would have done without my trusty Tubtrugs. I was amazed at just how many ways I could utilise them.
The most obvious of course is as an esky for all the drinks. Not only...

April 5, 2014

I saw the Boxtidy in the car boot of my friend’s car and absolutely loved it! When she told me it only cost $29.95 I was even more impressed. My friend was using it as a divider for her 3 kid’s sports gear storing football shoes, knee pads, swim gear etc, so they didn’...

May 8, 2013

Tubtrugs are so versatile they are not only storage for your Christmas decorations but they can be your Christmas decorations.


Whether it’s a Christmas decoration or a handy Christmas storage tub, tubtrugs cater for all needs from icebins for the Christmas drinks to ha...

April 10, 2012

THE HANDLE is made from triangular steel, overlaid with rubber grips. Light, very strong and incredibly comfortable.


THE HEAD is made from high density polypropylene, just like the handle it’s light, strong and won’t soak up water like traditional wooden heads which ev...

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