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Why is Scrub Daddy superior to all other sponges?

There are so many points in Scrub Daddy's favour! If you've used other sponges in the past, or are still doing so, then here are seven benefits to consider; you might ask yourself how well other products compare to this one... Scratch free Scrub Daddy is safe to use on stainless steel or non-stick pans, car paint or ceramic, glass or leather - and so many other surfaces. Quick clean Simply clean Scrub Daddy again and again in your dishwasher. Or sanitise it in just a single minute by placing it in your microwave. Unique design Scrub Daddy has eye-holes for your fingers to deliver that vital added grip - amazingly useful when you have to clean awkward spaces or tiny corners. And it a

Reduce the plastic in your life

Do you know how much plastic you use in everyday life? Australia is going through a plastic epidemic. Perhaps it is time we cut down on the plastic we use throughout the day. Below are some areas where plastic is commonly used around the home, with suggestions of alternative ideas. Food preparation At lunchtime, we tend to use a lot of plastic. We might buy a disposable plastic bottle of juice, water or soft drink, and then you’ve got the lunch that is wrapped in glad wrap. But we can switch this around. Sandwiches can be covered by eco-friendly bee wax wrapping alternatives. Or, you could opt to have a salad for lunch and seal it up in a stainless-steel container; you could bring a drink

The Scrub Daddy story - from A to clean.

The one scratch that started a revolution… Aaron Krause is the mastermind behind the Scrub Daddy. In 1988 while studying at University he supported himself by washing cars. After a few years, he found himself in such high demand that he left University in 1992 to open his own company called Dedication to Detail Inc. There, Aaron specialised in using customised buffing pads - cleaning cars up to a showroom standard. This was when Scrub Daddy’s original ancestors were born. One day, Aaron accidentally scratched the paintwork of a customers vehicle. He had to come up with a way to fix his mistake and invented something he then called ‘The Edge’ – a specially moulded pad designed to cut and

New products to help reduce your carbon footprint

With unprecedented global challenges from environmental degradation and climate change, it has never been more important for everyone to do their part. For the consumer, there has never been a better time to buy eco-friendly, innovative products that are kind to the environment. The takeaway cup scourge Australians drink a lot of tea and coffee every day, and the vast majority of those takeaway cup are not recycled. Many of us try to do the right thing and bring a reusable cup with us, but they come with a few problems. They are often bulky and inconvenient, and it can be really hard to remember to bring them with you. Enter the Pokito, the most convenient portable takeaway cup ever cre

How to cope with the plastic bag ban: why Trolley Bags are the best choice

Queensland and Western Australia are the latest states to ban the use of lightweight, non-biodegradable plastic bags in July. The plastic bag ban has been steadily making its way across Australia since 2009, with all states but New South Wales either implementing a statewide ban already or introducing legislation into local government. Some major retailers such as Coles and Woolworths have also introduced a plastic bag ban. So as a consumer, it is time to decide whether you will pay for reusable plastic bags at the store - or make the switch to an alternative, such as heavy-duty Trolley Bags, instead. Plastic bags versus Trolley Bags Plastic bags are the quick and convenient way to bring

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