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Use Tubtrugs to organise and declutter your life

Tubtrugs are renowned worldwide for their colourful selection of multipurpose plastic buckets and tubs. Made from 100% polyethylene, they are flexible yet sturdy. If you're looking to declutter your life as well as your home, using Tubtrugs' products may be the best solution. Read on for our top tips... Clearing out your wardrobe We're all guilty of owning too many clothes, but if your wardrobe space is limited and you have jeans, tops and dresses spilling out of your drawers, it may be time to consider reducing your collection. If you can, donate any items you no longer wear or sell them online to make some money. If you're still short on space after having a good sort out, consider pl

Aftermath of the plastic bag ban in Australia

Queensland and Western Australia are the latest states to have signed up to ban the use of lightweight non-biodegradable plastic bags for shopping. Six out of the eight states in Australia now have the ban in place, with the earliest ban coming into force in 2009 in South Australia. The state of Victoria is likely to follow suit soon, which would leave New South Wales as the only state in which lightweight plastic bags are used for shopping. But what has been the aftermath of the plastic bag ban in Australia? A step in the right direction...with a few setbacks Though many environmental activists and lobbying groups have lauded various authorities both at national and state level for takin

Time for some spring cleaning? Scrub Daddy will be your new best friend!

With winter out of the way, it’s time to open up the doors and let the warm spring breeze flow through the house while we clear up the clutter. The often daunting task of spring cleaning can be turned into a quick and easy job with Scrub Daddy; the eco-friendly and reusable scrubbing innovation that has been a best seller in the USA and is now available in Australia. The first thing you’ll notice about Scrub Daddy is his smiley shape – which is an ergonomic design to perfectly fit in your hand. Scrub Daddy’s FlexTexture has been engineered with semi-closed foam cells to ensure that no debris gets caught in the sponge weave while you clean. His antibacterial properties also mean that he’ll

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